Toys R Us Retail Campaign Optimized for Weather Conditions

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Weather has an impact on everyone's daily lives. It affects everything -- the clothing we wear, where we'll have dinner, and the items we purchase. Weather has a major impact on store traffic and sales volume in most product categories. By tailoring your advertising to weather, you can make it easier to get your products into more consumers' hands. By targeting geographic drive-time radii around the Toys R Us stores that carry your products and optimizing your campaigns for local weather conditions, you engage with customers at the moment of purchase decision in a highly relevant way. It's a great reminder to them to look for and buy your products now that they are in-store.

How it Works

1. In Indri app, choose the Adwords campaigns to which you want to apply weather rules

2. Customize your weather conditions using temperature, rain, snow and everything inbetween

3. Lastly, pick your campaigns and set to turn on/off or adjust bids based upon the weather condition

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Indri's weather playbook has increased Walmart sales 27% for cooling pilow

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