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Actionable insights begin by connecting your data

Prebuilt media connectors and custom data connectors. Your own marketing database in the cloud.

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Save Time & Money with Custom Marketing Playbooks

Playbook automation brings you consistently executed strategies, the foundation of successful marketing.

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We map your media and custom data for beautiful reports and better insights

Media Reports and Dashboards are available in multiple formats for presentaion or data exploration analysis

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Your Expert Team

Expert marketing strategists, data & media analysts, and media engineers work to accelerate your success.

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How Indri Can Transform Your Business

  • Own & leverage your marketing data
  • Smarter marketing strategies based on easily accesible data
  • Faster insights for better decision making
  • Playbook automation for more cost effective campaigns
  • Beautiful integrated dashboards, reports & analysis tool
  • Empower your marketing. Our experts team is here to help
  • Rachel Allard

    Rachel Allard, VP Operations, Union Street Media

    "With Indri's help, we were able to consolidate our media reporting capabilities into one, easy to use system. Before, we spent too much time building reports in Excel. Now we have beautiful reports, and more time to focus on optimizing our campaigns and talking with our customers. Indri’s team has been very helpful and easy to work with."
  • Matthew Greger

    Matthew Greger, Director of Technology, Diray Media

    "We needed an integrated data solution that combines campaign data from both TV and digital media. Indri’s data team helped us with strategy, data structure, and developing customized reporting, which our clients love. We now have a fully integrated solution that delivers combined reporting, and a foundation for making faster data-driven decisions."

Connect your data. Empower your marketing.
Our team is here to help.

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