Increase Leads for Your Business

Let us generate qualified leads for your sales team

We provide our clients with the complete support and management of their marketing campaigns including Strategic planning, Pay-per-click, SEO, Email marketing, Data management, Content creation, Design, Measurement of results, and Reporting. With over 15 years experience in the industry your marketing is in good hands.

Increase leads for your business

Let us generate qualified leads for your sales team

Reach more in-market consumers and achieve your targets with high quality, qualified leads.Our proprietary approach and technology helps clients in automotive, law, real-estate and more to fulfill their growth ambitions. With over 15 years experience in the industry your marketing is in good hands.

We find your future clients with Google AdWords

We make the complexities of Adwords simple
We find and target thousands of in-market consumers at different stages of their buying journey through targeted pay-per-click campaigns in Google AdWords.   Search, Display and Video advertising via AdWords is a great way to get in front of your customers, generate leads, or test interest in new business ideas. Users show intent that they recognize there is a problem and may already be searching for a solution you can provide. This makes PPC ads very powerful because you are able to get in front of users when they are making buying decisions.

Increase Leads with Facebook Ads

We scale and optimize your Facebook advertising
With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, the social media site is essentially the world’s largest shopping mall. If your commerce website isn’t taking advantage of Facebook advertising, you could be missing out on massive amounts of revenue. With targeted Facebook Ads, you have the potential to reach your exact customers on desktop and mobile and retarget them till they convert. 

From strategy to Facebook ad design, campaign set up, audience targeting, A/B testing of ad creative and ad copy to measurement and reporting, we do it all for you in order to decrease cost per lead and increase leads.

Data Driven SEO

Every day, 500 million searches are made on Google that have never been searched for before. Increasingly, these searches are performed on mobile devices or using voice search. Google searches for keywords with “near me” increased 34X since 2011 and nearly doubled since last year alone. At least 50% of mobile consumers who search for a local business end up visiting that business or making a purchase within 1 day. 

As search behaviour changes, SEO must follow. If yours is the only web page with these new geographic queries for your keywords, you are the Number 1 result. But it would be impossible to deploy the thousands of local webpages needed to address these unique searches. Until now. 

Through Indri’s Programmatic Web Pages, you can launch thousands of targeted pages to capture top-organic search results on Google for keywords important to your brand.

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